Sweet and Salted Recipes for Microwave: Quick and Easy

After a hard day work, we don’t always want to cook for a long time to make diner but we want tasty dishes.

So why not cooking with a microwave?

In this book, you will find over 20 quick and easy recipes for microwave:

White Roux
Corn Cob
Chicken Teriyaki
Macaroni and Cheese
Rice and Beef Casserole
Potato chips
Baked Potatoes
Fast Potatoes
Homemade Goulash with Macaroni
Salsa Sauce for Tortillas
Swiss Steak
Chili Con Carne
Fried Rice
Peanut Brittle
Salted Popcorn
Sweet Popcorn
Corn bread
Vanilla Flan
Apple Cake
Express Cake
Baked Apples
Chocolate Cake

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