Lustful Bear: A Shapeshifter BBW Romance

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Loretta always knew she wanted and deserved more than life had given her.

There was something she longed for that always seemed to be just out of reach. Then when her loser boyfriend has an affair, Loretta realizes its time for her to take control of her life. Loretta decide to make some changes and have a little fun in the bars and nightclubs of her youth.

However, Loretta quickly realizes this kind of fun is not what she really longs for. Looking for something more than a laugh and a one-night-stand, Loretta quits her job and decides to start again in a new town.

It is when she is there that, out-of-the-blue, she gets a call from her mother telling her that her long-lost father lives nearby.

In the remote community of Deacons Cross finally meets her father. She also meets her loveable new colleague, Paul and the mysterious and handsome timber tycoon Tythe Cooper. Loretta quickly discovers that her father has a strong attachment to the mountains and she begins to find that she, too,finds nature particularly attractive.

As she finds out more about herself and her own inner desires, Loretta must choose what she really wants. Is it a man like Paul, or a man like Tythe Cooper, who seems to be offering her something more than ordinary men.

This eBook Contains Mature Themes, Steamy, Sexual Scenes and Graphic Language. Intended for 18+ Readers Only.

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