French Short Stories for Beginners: Learn French for Beginners with 50 Short Stories to Improve French Conversation and Vocabulary for a better Speaking, ... Listening in French Language (Part 2)

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Learning a new language is not easy and can be quite boring and tiring if you don't have the right tools to do it; this is also why many people choose to travel and dive directly in the place ... but it is not a simple solution for everyone. It will seem like a misplaced question but: do you know that we memorize and learn information more easily through stories? Because our brain likes it, it has been so used from an early age, with the stories they told us, cartoons etc. therefore in this way he is more inclined to learn. As a result, it is easier to learn and memorize a new language by reading and listening to stories.

Now I don't want to influence you by telling you that mine is the best book in circulation, you will be the judge; as you surely know there are several books similar to this one for learning but they are not really optimal or suitable for beginners for different reasons: complicated terms are used, they have too long stories, lack of words, grammatical errors, lack of techniques and suggestions and other carelessnesses that you will not find in this book.

The book is divided into two parts.

Part 1:

  •  Tips and techniques on learning French


  • The fundamentals of the French language

  • Some of the most complex problems in the French language


  • 25 lessons divided into tenses


  • The present simple with the verb "être" and "avoir"

  •  The present simple tense with verbs in "er" and in "ir"

Part 2:

  •  Tips and techniques on learning French

  •  The fundamentals of the French language

  •  Some of the most complex problems in the French language


  • 25 lessons divided into tenses


  • The gerund

  • The present simple tense with irregular verbs

  • Bringing verbs tenses all together

Even if you have never spoken or written in French, you do not have to worry because this book was designed specifically for people like you, in fact each lesson contains questions to help you understand precisely each story. Also, there are suggested answers that can guide you to understand better.
To get the most out of this book, at the beginning of each lesson, there is a glossary that contains the words of the story that will follow. This will help you gain an advantage over each of them.

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