French Short Stories for Beginners: 30 Captivating Short Stories to Easily Learn French & Improve Your Vocabulary (Bilingual French t. 1)

30 French Short Stories with Audio for Complete Beginners

When you’re starting to learn French, you may encounter some problems with your limited vocabulary and difficulty in grasping grammar structures. You’re also probably hesitant to speak French because you find it hard to pronounce French words correctly, or you have trouble with listening comprehension.

This collection of 30 very short stories will help you solve those challenges. At only 300 words per story, this book is created for complete beginners with little or no previous experience in learning French.

Learn new vocabulary

The stories in this book are written using the most useful French words. After each story, you will find a list of vocabulary used in the story together with its French translation. There is no need to reach for a dictionary each time you encounter words you don’t understand, and you will quickly learn new words as you go along.

Easily grasp French sentence structures

Written with a good mix of descriptive sentences and simple dialogue, the stories will introduce you to different types of sentence structures. This way, you’ll be able to pick up French grammar structures naturally as you read the stories.

Practice your listening comprehension

To be able to speak French well, you need to expose your ears to a lot of spoken French. You can do that by listening to the free audio narration of the stories. Listen to the words spoken out loud and compare them to the written stories. Read along with the narration. Copy the correct pronunciation and practice the inflections. With enough practice, you will soon be able to get over your hesitations in speaking French.

Perfect for Complete Beginners

Learning French as a second language can be a scary task. But with these short stories, you can make it as fun and as easy as possible. Before you know it, you will have already have learned hundreds of new French words, exposed yourself to a variety of sentence structures, and listened to enough spoken French that your pronunciation will improve greatly.


Start learning French through short stories today!

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