French Short Stories for Beginners: 25 Captivating and Easy Stories to Learn French Language and Grow Your Vocabulary while Improve Your Reading and Listening Skills

Are you planning a vacation or business trip to France?

Do you have any knowledge of the French language?

Are you interested in learning some basic phrases to help you interact better?

France is a fascinating country, with a rich history and exciting cuisine which draws visitors from around the world. Furthermore, it is important to remember that French is in the top of the most spoken languages in the world, so having a smattering of it will undoubtedly help you as you meet people in everyday situations.

In this book you will find 25 easy short stories in French, each accompanied by a summary in English and a dictionary, which will help you in a wide variety of settings including:

  • Greetings and introductions
  • Ordering food in restaurants
  • Booking your travel arrangements
  • Receiving and giving directions
  • Asking the time
  • Basic conversation starters
  • And lots more…

We all know that when someone makes an effort to speak our native tongue, that we appreciate it and make allowances for any shortcomings. It’s no different with French and from the very simple to the slightly more complex, learning these stories will help you to interact and make friends wherever you go in this fascinating country.

Get a copy and be prepared for your next trip!

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