Family Money Planning WorkBook: Your step-by-step guide to budgeting expenses, saving for retirement, and best investment practices

Every family needs to understand the basics of budgeting and saving in order to get an overview of their financial situation and control the relationship between income and outflow. While many of the principles seem obvious, it is surprising how few young couples really know what to do when starting out. Older married people, for their part, often do not plan well for their future or understand investment options.

For those who feel a bit at sea on the subject, this eBook will help direct you through the process from simple budgeting to more complicated retirement planning. It will cover establishing credit and how to keep good records and careful track of fundamental documents. You can read the sections in any order and hone in on areas that pertain best to your life.

The appendix includes some templates to help you begin to recognize your financial profile and learn its components.

You have now at hand a guidebook on all the typical subjects associated with family budgeting and savings.

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